Our Process
Overview of Our Process
Step by Step
Case Preparation and Consultation

Call us toll free at 1(800)338-5954 or contact us by email at [email protected] 
We will guide you through the process.

A- Your contact information 

B- Delivery address: if different from the law office address, please provide the contact information, address and phone number of recipient

C- Type of Case: Defense, Plaintiff, Personal Injury, Work compensation, 
Malpractice, Product Liability
, etc.

D- Gender

E- Race or Ethnicity

F- Age Group

G- Final Product is based on your preferred method of presentation. Specify in which form your final exhibit should be delivered as:
* printed board 30”x40”
* large format 30”x40” PDF file
* both, PDF and printed board
* letter size individual images for mediation package

Briefly describe the case and discuss with the exhibit consultant the focal points you want to bring the attention to during mediation or trial, so we can design and focus on the specifics of your case as you want to present it.

We will work with you to write a proposal based on what you need to present without exceeding your case budget.

Radiology reports

• Radiology images showing the pre-operative condition (shows injuries): X-ray / MRI / CT Scan

• Radiology images showing the post-operative condition (shows hardware): X-ray / MRI / CT Scan

• Operative Reports

• Treating Physician’s Office Notes

• Emergency Room Reports

• Admission Reports

Proposal and Quote Acceptance

Review your proposal and the quote. If there is any adjustments that needs to be made, let the exhibit consultant know; we want to make sure we cover everything you need. 
Once the proposal is accepted, the next step is to retain an illustrator.

Retain An Illustrator

The retainer will secure a spot in our schedule for the next available illustrator take your case. The retainer consist of 50% of the total quoted price as a down payment. We normally ask for a period of 10 working days to submit a color proof of the exhibit, starting from the day we receive your retainer. If your case consist of multiple exhibits, please speak with your illustrator exhibit consultant to know when you can expect the first draft of the exhibits for review.

Internet Case Review

When the draft of your exhibit is ready, you will receive an email with a link to a secured Internet Case Review (ICR) page. You can click on the thumbnails of the exhibit(s) to enlarge the image for review. You may also choose to print a letter size copy to write on the color proof any revisions you need. Also we can include your colleagues and experts when you provide the email addresses.

Revisions, Changes or Additions

Revisions, changes or additions can be made at this time. You have up to two sets of revisions per each exhibit. Additional revisions and changes that exceeds what is allowed under contract, will be charged at a rate of $125 per revision hour. Your illustrator will let you know if and when new charges applies. Revisions due to errors made by the illustrator will not count towards the total revisions you may request.
Take the necessary time you need to review and obtain your expert signature of approval.

Finalizing the Exhibit(s)

Only with your approval, we can proceed to have the final product finalized and delivered.

We print, laminate and mount the exhibits. According to your job request description, the illustrator will send you the final 30“ x 40” PDF electronic file(s) by email and ship via FedEx the large format 30” x 40” printed exhibit to the delivery address you provide.

If you supplied a CD or jump drive with film evidence and photos to be used in the creation of your exhibit, these will be returned to you with the exhibit or when we close the case. We can return the films ASAP upon request.

We use the Federal Express delivery services to ship the exhibits and other documents. Each shipment is insured. We have superior quality packaging that is very sturdy and protects well the exhibits during transit. Yet we insure the shipment and if any uneventful damage occurs, let us know and we will send you a new exhibit ASAP! at no extra cost to you.

After we ship your exhibit(s), you will receive a final invoice for the remainder of the balance. Any exhibit additions will be added to your final invoice.


We understand that some times a case can be on hold for an extended period of time that exceeds the 30 days grace period for review and making revisions. When more time is needed before finalizing the exhibits, we offer you the option to change the status of the case from ACTIVE to DORMANT state. A change of status indicate that you are still working on the case but you are still waiting for experts responses or waiting on a trial date. 

When your case goes DORMANT (on hold) for an extended period of time, you do not incur in an additional expense for any required minor revisions before printing. If you close the case, and later you find out you want to make changes, it will be charged at an hourly rate of $125 per hour for revision time.

Cases denominated as dormant will receive an invoice to pay for the remaining balance for work done up to that point.

Printing and shipping cost will be billed after the exhibits are shipped.