Our Primary Focus is to Create case-specific medical legal exhibits

Our exhibits allow experts to easily describe complex scientific concepts, human anatomy, surgical repairs and other medical treatments.
Our Recent Work
We assist you with creative visuals that are both impactful and educational. We bring the attention of your audience to focus on the points you want to highlight during trial. Beyond the initial trauma, there is still further trauma with surgical repairs and pain treatment. The illustrations help your audience comprehend the suffering and life time changes of your client. This are exhibits that tells a story and presents facts.
Visualization that facilitates Comprehension
The visual interpretation of what happened along with your expertise in presenting the case, is far more effective than just a talk.
Illustrations Based on Facts

Film Color Interpretation are Effective Demonstrative Evidence Based on Facts

We base our work on the client's medical records: Radiology reports, radiology films, operative reports, pathology reports and notes from the medical experts on your case.

Return on Investment

The investment on medical illustrations to facilitate the jury comprehension of major points in your case will result in maximum return on the value of your case.

Final Product

30"x40" Standard Exhibit Size

The exhibit is printed on poster paper, mounted on white foam core, laminated and framed. With each exhibit we provide you with a complimentary letter size color copy of the exhibit.

Specify your need at the time you place your order to design with your specifications in mind.

Let us know what works best for you: Digital presentation, letter size mediation package or a standard 30"x40" printed exhibit.

Illustration Usage Examples

Who We Are

Ms. Marianne Clark, B.S. Adult Ed

Senior Account Executive

Mr. Michael Collins, M.A.

Case Manager, Senior Medical Illustrator, Exhibit Consultant

MR. Brian Wilson, B.F.A.

Production Director, Senior Medical Illustrator, Animator and Exhibit Consultant

Ms. Leslie Leonard, M.S., CMI

Senior Medical Illustrator, Exhibit Consultant

Ms. Myrna Caban-Reyes, M.S.M.D., CMI

Senior Medical Illustrator

MR. Damian Willianson, M.S.M.I.

Senior Medical Illustrator

Why Choose Us

100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee


Medical Legal Art has been serving attorneys nationwide for 24 consecutive years, providing case-specific medical exhibits. Our illustrators complete an average of 640 cases per year. Through the years we have worked on more than 20,000 medical legal cases. We provide premium customer service to all of our clients. We work closely with you and your experts to assure accuracy and your full satisfaction.


Medical Legal Art is owned and operated by highly trained and qualified medical illustrators. Our team of illustrators are specialized artist in the field of medical sciences and fully equiped, with skills, knowledge and experience to create demonstrative evidence that best conveys the facts of your case.


Our illustrators are highly skilled in drawing the human anatomy and use of the software technology that allows quick turn around when you need to get ready for a presentation with little time to prepare. Our illustrators examine all the case materials you provide to us and we work with you to make sure we focus our energy and effort in highlighting what are the most important points on your case.


The illustrators knowledge shows in the capacity in which he or she reads and understand the medical records, the radilogy films, comprehends the nature of the injuries, its gravity and is able to communicate and record in visual form in a  simple and concisely manner the information with high level of accuracy.


Science is continually evolving and so are techniques and methods. After the illustrator reads all the records, we take time to research any procedure, techniques, surgical instruments and hardware as needed to illustrate procedures as accurate as possible. Although one of our goal is to achieve accuracy of information, but accuracy is contingent upon availability of trusted reference of information.

Problem Solving

We identify the issue at hand, prioritize what are the most important elements of the case and consider among all the alternatives, the best visual solution for your presentation.

The Art of Illustrating

Our goal is to educate with visual clarity. Whether you need to show one injury or widespread injuries, a complex surgery, or a non invasive procedure, we are ready and eager to figure out the most effective, concise and clear way to take all that information and simplify it into visual form step by step.


Our medical illustrators come from different universities from across the United States of America
and bring diverse knowledge, experiences and sets of skills that strengthen and adds value
to our team. All our illustrators have educational background knowledge in both art and science.
Basic medical sciences involves human gross anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology and
pathology. Among our team we have certified medical illustrators and medical illustrators with vast years of experience working for the medical legal field that are true experts.

This is how we honor you and your Business

  • We provide an Internet Case Review (ICR) platform. Once we have the color proofs ready we share a secured link to the ICR with you, your colleagues and your experts for review of the exhibits.
  • We archive all our digital exhibits. You can be confident to call us back in one year or later and still be able to reactivate a case to print your exhibit or request a pdf file if you happen to lose your digital copy.
  • We ship our exhibits via FedEx: Priority Overnight and have the exhibit at your door by the next morning.
  • Rushed and can not wait for tomorrow? If you have a local service bureau near by where you  can print your exhibit ASAP, we can send you the electronic pdf files and you can print them locally.
  • Our superior packaging material for exhibits will keep your exhibits secured during transit. We insure our shipping, and if your exhibit does get damaged during transit, we will replace it at no extra cost to you.

Our Process

Step 1

Request your FREE written proposal and price quote via email or call us toll free at 1(800)338-5954.
We will guide you through the process.

1- Things we need to know:
A-  Your contact information.
B-  If the delivery of the exhibit needs to go to a different address, please
provide that contact information, address and phone number of recipient.
C-  Type of Case: Defense, Plaintiff, Personal Injury, Work compensation,
Malpractice, Product Liability
D- Gender
E-  Race or Ethnicity
F-  Age Group
G-  Final Product is based on your preferred method of presentation. Specify in which form your final exhibit should be delivered as:

  • printed board 30”x40”
  • large format 30”x40” PDF file
  • both, PDF and printed board
  • letter size individual images for mediation package

H-  Brief description of the case
I-  Budget: We write a proposal based on your case budget.

2-  Below are types of supporting documentation we normally work from:
• Radiology reports
• Radiology images showing the pre-operative condition (shows injuries): X-ray / MRI / CT Scan
• Radiology images showing the post-operative condition (shows hardware): X-ray / MRI / CT Scan
• Operative Reports
• Treating Physician’s Office Notes
• Emergency Room Reports
• Admission Reports

Step 2

Review your proposal and the quote. If there is any adjustments that needs to be made, let the illustrator know to make sure we cover everything you need.
Once the proposal is accepted, the next step is to retain an illustrator.

Step 3

The retainer will secure a spot in our schedule for the next available illustrator take your case. The retainer consist of 50% of the total quoted price as a down payment. We normally ask for a period of 10 working days to submit a color proof of the exhibit, starting from the day we receive your retainer. If your case consist of multiple exhibits, please speak with your illustrator exhibit consultant to know when you can expect the first draft of the exhibits for review.

Step 4

When the draft of your exhibit is ready, you will receive an email with a link to the Internet Case Review (ICR) page. You can click on the thumbnails of the exhibits if you have more than one, to enlarge the image for review. You may also choose to print a letter size copy to write on the color proof any revisions you meed.

Step 5

Revisions, changes or additions can be made at this time. You have up to two sets of revisions per each exhibit. Additional revisions and changes that exceeds what is allowed under contract, will be charged at a rate of $125 per revision hour. Your illustrator will let you know if and when new charges applies. Revisions requested due to errors made by the illustrator will not count towards the total revisions you may request.

Take the necessary time you need to review and obtain your expert signature of approval.

Step 6

Contact your illustrator when the exhibit is approved. Only with your approval, we can proceed to have the final product finalized and delivered.
According to your job request description, the illustrator will send you the final 30“ x 40” PDF electronic file(s) by email and ship via FedEx the large format 30” x 40” printed exhibit. We print, laminate, and mount the exhibits. If you supplied a CD or jump drive with film evidence and photos to be used in the creation of your exhibit, these will be returned to you with the exhibit or when we close the case. (We can return the films ASAP upon request). You will receive an email notification with the shipping information and Federal Express tracking number to follow the status of your package.

After we ship your exhibit(s), you will receive a final invoice for the remainder of the balance. Any exhibit additions will be added to your final invoice.

Step 7 - Optional

We allow a waiting period of 30 days from the moment we send you the color proofs for review, before we send an invoice to cover the remaining of the balance due.

We understand that some times a case can be on hold for an extended period of time that exceeds the 30 days. When more time is needed before finalizing the exhibits, know that you have the option to change the status of the case from ACTIVE to DORMANT state. We know the case is not really dormant, but for us, it means a long period of inactivity on that particular case. A change of status indicates you are still working on the case and waiting for experts responses or a trial date. When your case goes DORMANT (on hold) for an extended period of time, you do not incur in additional expenses for any required minor revisions before printing. If you decide to close the case early, and later you find out you want to make changes, it will be charged at an hourly rate of $125 per hour revision for revision time.

Stock Exhibits

"I am on a rush, I have a limited budget and I need a medical exhibit ASAP!"


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When You Need it Fast, Accurate and on Time, We are Here for You!

A written proposal and quote guaranteed within 48 hours after you submit all supporting material indicated by your exhibit consultant.